About the QBank App - CFA®

Following the success of the Exam Prep for CFA Level I we have launched a question bank app for IOS which allows you to test your CFA Level I knowledge on the move.

  • Over 2,000 questions across all study sessions
  • 180 questions free with the app
  • Customise your learning by buying additional tests per study session

160+ tests available

The QBank app has multiple tests per study session with 10 questions in each test. One test is free for every study session and then you can purchase additional tests for just US$0.99 per test so you can choose the tests that help you most.

Each test can be paused and completed later and re-taken as many times as you want. Once you submit your answers you will receive your score and details of the correct answers. You will even have a log of your progress for every test you take, every time you take it.

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Get 180 FREE questions with one test every study session on the QBank App - CFA®

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